I used this film as a way of exploring my personal religious identity and how those around me in my life inform and shape this. 
This film was made possible by all these people who not only gave their time to discuss their beliefs and opinions on religion but did so on camera. 
I have included profiles on these individuals as the constraints of the project meant that I was unable to go into a lot of detail of the personal background of all the participants within the film. 
Please hover over the images to reveal more about the beliefs and history behind the person. 


Sophie has been my housemate and close friend for the past 4 years. 

Sophie would describe her relationship with religion as being complex. She was not baptised but was attended a Christian Science school from the ages of 3 to 18. 

She identifies as gay and struggles with religious doctrine that is anti-LGBT. 



Sarah was baptised Protestant and attended a Church of England Primary School.  


She openly admits to not knowing much about how Catholicism differs from Christainity as a whole. 


She is my housemate this year but I have known her for 4 years now and she did not know I was Catholic until the making of this film. 



My mum was raised Catholic has always been very keen on raising my sister and I in the same faith.

She is aware of the negative aspects of religion but believes that the Church plays a crucial role within wider society.


My mum plays an active role in our local parish and teaches Holy Communion classes and Children's Liturgy. 



My Dad is a self-proclaimed agnostic. 

He did not have any objections to my mum deciding to raise my sister Miranda and I as Catholic.


He loves the song 'Religion' by Public Image Ltd. where the lead singer sings about his experience with the Catholic Church. His favourite line is:  

"Stained glass windows keep the cold outside while the hypocrites hide inside"